Agreement Reached on Joppa Road Sonic Restaurant

sonictowsonI am very pleased that an agreement has been reached between the developer of the proposed Sonic restaurant on Joppa Road and nearby community organizations.

The restaurant is proposed for construction at 1631 East Joppa Road.  The agreement– between Community and Entourage Development, LLC, and the Loch Raven Community Council, Green Towson Alliance, Loch Raven Village, Ridgely Manor, and Ridgeleigh neighborhoods–eliminates an appeal of the Administrative Law Judge decision.

Our office organized a meeting that resolved most of the disagreements related to the project.  The meeting included the developer, Tom Behrle, and the president of the Associates of Loch Raven Village, Nick Linehan.   I would like to thank them for working together on this agreement.

Among other provisions, the agreement improves landscaping, adds canopy trees throughout the property, limits the height of lighting, and better shields the Ridgely Manor neighborhood to the south.  My next goal will be to work with the community on design guidelines throughout this part of the Loch Raven commercial revitalization district.

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