My “No” Vote on the Towson Row Financing Package

Greenberg Gibbons is the right developer to complete Towson Row—and when the project is finished, it will have a transformational impact on Downtown Towson.

I believe some form of a financial assistance package is appropriate to jumpstart this project, although I would have preferred a loan than the grant proposed by the Kamenetz administration.

Ultimately, though, I have grave concerns about the speed with which this package was presented to the County Council. That is why I attempted to delay a vote by one Council meeting. This delay would not, I believe, have imperiled the project—but it would have given the public more time to review a complex proposal, and the Council more opportunity to improve the contract.  I have little confidence  theKamenetz administration will communicate with the Council once it gets this contract approved.

I am also concerned about how the proposed contract will bind future County Executives and County Councils to financial commitments, particularly if the cou​nty runs into economic difficulties.

As Towson’s Councilman, I have championed projects that are revitalizing our downtown core—and yes, I have made tough decisions, such as boosting open space funding despite fierce resistance from some developers. But I am not just Towson’s Councilman—I am a Baltimore County Councilman, and that requires taking the broader view to look at our long-term fiscal commitments.​​

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