Planning Money Secured for New High Schools

Today, I am pleased to confirm that planning money will be in the upcoming capital towsonhsbudget to advance a new Towson High School and a high school in central or northeastern Baltimore County.

By 2026, Baltimore County Public Schools anticipates that Towson High will be 456 students over its state-rated capacity. Two schools in the central and northeastern Baltimore County will also be overcrowded, with Dulaney High School at 188 students over its state-recommended capacity by 2026, and Perry Hall High at 234 students overcapacity.

I am delighted by this news from the County Executive’s office.  As overcrowding has worsened, Towson High School has been a priority for parents in my district who recognize we need a new campus at that location.  The construction of a new northeastern high school, meanwhile, has been the ‘Holy Grail’ in our area for so many years.  I have personally worked on this issue for nearly two decades.    Many thanks to the parents and community leaders, and to School Board members such as Julie Henn, for their advocacy and leadership.

The planning money begins the process of building the new schools, and there are many questions that will be reviewed by engineers and experts from the school system.  The next administration and County Council will need to allocate funding for construction.

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